The World’s Most Dazzling Christmas Lights

It’s coming to that time of the year again… Christmas! Yes, the decorations are coming out, the children are writing their letters to Father Christmas, and the turkeys are being ordered. There are so many iconic parts to Christmas, but one of the most important has to be the Christmas lights. Whether they’re decorating trees in homes, or houses themselves, they always seem to add that final touch to the Christmassy feel.

All over the world, people flock to big cities in order to see the famous Christmas lights that are on display in their country. Not only are they always spectacular to see, but it’s a special way of gathering people together to get them into the Christmas spirit. Our latest infographic showcases how different countries decorate their famous cities, highlighting how each country has their own unique way of presenting their Christmas lights.

How many have you seen? Or, if you haven’t seen any, which would be your favourite one to go and visit? Oh, and Happy Christmas from us here at The Solar Centre!


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