How Technology Will Change According to Science Fiction

The future remains perhaps the most continuous field of interest in the history of humanity, with the obsession with guessing the unknown remaining a hugely popular topic in society. Films such as Star Wars or Star Trek have captivated the imaginations of the world by providing a glimpse into the future of how things could be. Society now dreams of flying their own S.S. Enterprise, having a lightsabre duel or experiencing “death by snu-snu”… Obviously however, there is a long way to go before those dreams become reality.

Different tales of science fiction are set at different periods in Earth’s future, with different futuristic tales outlining the history of the human race throughout the present millennium. Some were highly overambitious, whereas others predicted that we’d have modern technology far later. Have a look for yourself and let us know how excited you are for society’s future if science fiction is anything to go by!


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