The UK's
Greenest Cities

How green is your local city?

Most of us like to do our bit to help the environment. From cycling to work to switching to biodegradable products, we’re becoming more conscious of our actions. But can we say the same for our cities?

Here at The Solar Centre we decided to find out.

We’ve looked at 59 cities across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and ranked them against 10 key eco-friendly metrics like CO2 emissions, recycling, and the quality of green parks.

Durham was crowned the UK’s Greenest city, followed closely by Swansea and Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Each metric uses the latest data available from trusted sources, and is standardised using min-max normalisation:

This results in a score between 0 and 10 for each data point and each city is ranked based on its average overall score.

The index uses both city and local authority data. For local authority-level data the score is applied to the city within it. For example, if Perth & Kinross council has a score 5.23 for CO2 Emissions, then Perth receives 5.23.

In order to make the data as reliable as possible, cities missing 2 or more data points (due to no data available) have been removed, leaving a final list of 59 cities from the total 69 cities in the UK. Where appropriate, data was also adjusted to take into consideration the population of each area.


CO2 Emissions

UK local authority & regional CO2 emissions per capita 2017 (includes commercial, domestic and transport emissions).

CO2 emissions - national statistics

Energy Consumption

UK sub-national energy consumption 2017 (includes all fuels; coal, manufactured fuel, petroleum, gas and electricity). Energy consumption is adjusted for the population.

Energy consumption - national statistics Population - national statistics

Air Quality

Crowdsourced data of perceived pollution and air quality levels in each city.

Numbeo pollution index


Number of reports for fly-tipping incidents by local authority. Data has been adjusted for the population.

Fly-tipping incidents - national statistics 2018/2019 Population - national statistics


Number of reports for rubbish, street cleaning and littering by local authority. Data has been adjusted for the population.

Fix my street - litter reports Population - national statistics

Green Space and Parks

Crowdsourced data of the perceived quality of green space and parks in each city.

Numbeo pollution index

Nature Reserves

Number of nature reserves within a 10-mile radius of the city centre.

Wildlife Trusts - Nature Reserves

Electric Car Charging Points

Number of electric car charging points within a 5-mile radius of the city centre.

Open charge map

Traffic Congestion

Road congestion statistics July 2018 - June 2019

Congestion on local roads