Incredible images show potentially catastrophic effects of wildfires near major cities

Harrowing images this week revealed the extent of the damage caused by the West Coast wildfires. Apocalyptic scenes in San Francisco show the skyline glowing orange as shocked residents look on.

It is the latest reminder of the devastating impact we are having on our planet – with the fires raging across the West Coast following the recent heat waves. The vast majority of wildfires in the US are manmade, often caused by car exhaust fumes igniting nearby vegetation.

While these fires are common in the West Coast of America and in Australia, among others, imagine what it might look like if these events occurred in more places around the world.

These images, made using Photoshop, show what could happen to other major cities and landmarks if they suffer this sort of devastation in the future:


London city with red sky from wildfire


Paris city with red sky from wildfire


Rome city with red sky from wildfire


Barcelona city with red sky from wildfire

New York

New York City with red sky from wildfire

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