GEO Solar Lighting Kits

Geo Solar Lighting Kits allow you to install mains equivalent lighting without the costly mains installation and running costs. Geo Solar Lighting Kits have the latest technology LED bulbs that use less power meaning the kits are more cost effective then ever before.

You can install a Geo Solar Lighting Kit in as little as one hour using basic DIY skills and now you can easily add timers, motion sensors, remote controls, twilight sensor switches and more to give you light exactly how you want it.

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Geo 2 - Mains Free Solar Lighting Kit
Geo 2 - Mains Free Solar Lighting Kit £99.98
4/5 (1 customer reviews)
12V PIR Sensor
12V PIR Sensor £49.99 In Stock
150W Inverter
150W Inverter £45.95 In Stock
300W Inverter
300W Inverter £62.60 In Stock
5A Solar Charge Controller
5A Solar Charge Controller £23.99
5/5 (1 customer reviews)
In Stock
Energy Saving Bulb Holder
Energy Saving Bulb Holder £5.09
3/5 (1 customer reviews)
In Stock
26 Item(s)