Murano Solar Garden Globe - Midnight

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Mutant solar garden light Verified Purchase
I will say it as I've found it. It was a good idea to put in a spare battery as the one fitted was faulty didn't work. It as worked since with the spare battery and let it charge first for 2days. It's not very bright and doesn't stay on very long. It is early days I know. But my early impression is I'm disappointed. Thankyou from Steve.
By Steven doodey on Mar 29, 2015
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Poor battery life Verified Purchase
I have 7 of these lights and have now given up! The battery only lasts a short time. Have tried moving the lights around the garden but still the lights do not come on. I have only 1 that actually works !
By Gail on Jul 31, 2014
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Battery issue. We bought six of these globes at the Chelsea flower show a couple of years ago. Although they still give us a lot of pleasure in the garden, only three of them still work. We did have to replace three of the batteries and maybe as a consequence they then let in rainwater and stopped working. I will give the company the benefit of the doubt and say it may have been my fault.
By John Moore on Jun 14, 2014
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Battery Quality Verified Purchase
Very poor - The battery supplied, as you predicted, was faulty. Had to spend some time replacing it with the one you supplied - I bought three of these units as presents and was glad that I checked them before wrapping them as gifts. Why couldn't you fix the problem before selling them on?
By John Dimascio on Dec 5, 2013
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The Murano Globe Light fuses the modern and ancient to bring a truly unique blend of performance and beauty. Each globe is unique and provides the most stunning light show to any garden, pathway or pond.
The Murano solar LED light blends modern technology with centuries old skills of hand blowing glass. Each unique glass globe contains embedded luminescent crystal which, once dark, give a wonderful glow but when you add in a super bright white LED bulb powered by our state of the art solar cell, the effect is truly wondrous. Once dark the “Midnight” solar garden globe appears to magically float in the air looking, as it does, very much like planet Earth – truly inspiring!

Technical Description:
  • Installs in seconds – no assembly
  • Infinity Maxi solar cell
  • 1 x AA rechargeable battery – approx life 2 years – standard replacement part
  • 1 white super bright LED
  • Hand blown and stained glass gives each pieces total individuality
  • Protected steel post with support brace
  • Manual On / Off switch gives total control
  • Switches On automatically at dusk if On setting is selected
  • Up to 8 hours run time per night
  • Use as a solar light, plant stake or unique pieces of garden art
  • Supplied with detailed user instructions
  • Size 840mm x 100mm
  • Weight 650g


Product ID: SS7227
Weight: 0.88 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy a replacement charging stand? Mine was knocked over and damaged. The globe is fine, I just need the rest of it.
By Chloe on May 4, 2015
The charging stand is not sold separately.
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Is it possible to get a replacement bulb for the murano glass globe?
By Katy Miller on Mar 8, 2014
The bulb isn't replaceable however it may just need a fresh, easily replaceable, battery if the unit is over 12 months old.
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is glass globe actually blue or only when light is on?
By Andrew on Jan 22, 2014
The globe itself is blue, the LED bulb inside that illuminates the glass is white.
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