Solar Product Reviews

Our Solar Product Reviews are based on customer feedback and extensive testing undertaken here at The Solar Centre. We have stocked all the solar products featured in our reviews at one time or another so The Solar Centre and our customers have a good working knowledge of each solar powered product featured. We hope you will find our solar product reviews helpful when selecting your products.

We will add more solar product reviews as they become available so please check back soon.

Solar Shed Light Reviews

Solar Shed lightsSolar Shed Lights took off in a big way in 2008 and this trend is set to continue as customers look to more environmentally and economically friendly ways to light outbuildings. More and more people are seeing the benefits of using solar shed lights to illuminate garages, sheds, remote outbuildings, stables, shelters and workshops with no instalation or on going costs. Click Here for our Solar Shed Light Reviews

Solar Security Light Reviews

Solar Security LightsSolar Security Lights have become increasingly popular over the last 18 months as electricity prices soar. Solar Security Lights are incredibly easy to install and there are no operating costs.Click Here for our Solar Security Light Reviews.

Solar Charger Reviews

Solar ChargersSolar Chargers are a great way to keep most small electronics devices charged while out and about. Solar chargers don't just generate power from the sun, they also store that energy in their internal batteries so you can top your phone up where ever and whenever you need to (even after dark). Click Here for our Solar Charger Reviews.

Solar Spot Light Reviews

Solar Spot LightsSolar Spot Lights have become a common feature in gardens across the land over the last 5 years. Solar Spot Lights are the perfect way to light select areas within your garden without needing to call an electrician to install mains power outside. Click Here for our Solar Spot Light Reviews.