Solar Charger Reviews

Solar Chargers are a great way to keep most small electronics devices charged while out and about. Solar chargers don't just generate power from the sun, they also store that energy in their internal batteries so you can top your phone up where ever and whenever you need to (even after dark).

We will add more solar chargers to this review as they become available so please check back soon.

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Power Monkey Explorer    
Originally Power Traveller launched The Power Monkey (without the solar panel), which rapidly became a well established small portable power storage facility. The idea is that you charge the Power Monkey from the mains at home and then carry it around with you while out and about. It wasn't long before the bright sparks at Power Traveller came up with the idea of adding a detachable solar panel to the Power Monkey and the Power Monkey Explorer was born.

This solar charger is a classy proposition right from the get-go! Upon opening the display box you are presented with an attractive carry case which arguably contains the best solar charger in this review. Both the Power Monkey and detachable flip phone styled solar panel ensemble are incredibly robust when compared with cheaper alternatives making this charger perfect for more demanding applications. Unlike all the other solar chargers in this review the Power Traveller has a funky cool blue LCD display screen showing you exactly how much juice it has stored which is an invaluable feature.

The specifications tell a similar story. The Power Traveller has almost double the solar panel wattage and over double the battery capacity of both the Uvee and Freeloader which means it charges quicker and can store more charge. The Power Traveller comes with a host of accessories in the box including UK and international mains plug adaptors for use in over 150 countries, 12 adaptors for most mobile phones (including iPod, iPhone and Blackberry) and a carry pouch. If you want a serious solar charger then look no further. Great value despite the �65 price tag.

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Uvee Solar Charger    
The Uvee Solar Charger is probably the best of the budget solar chargers. It comes in 4 funky colours (white, silver, black and pink) and has a car cigarette light attachment and mains plug socket adaptor included (these are usually sold separately with other budget chargers).

The Uvee comes packed with 18 adaptor tips that make it compatible with over 250 small electronic devices which includes most phones (including iPhone and iPod) and also DS Lite, PSP, mini-USB and USB. This lightweight, flip phone style solar charger is highly portable and represents a true bargain. If you just want to pay �30 and get everything you need in 1 box then look no further.


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Freeloader Solar Charger    
The Freeloader Solar Charger (available in silver or pink) was one of the first solar chargers to hit the mainstream and is one of the most popular solar charger on the market. The Freeloader requires assembly each time it is used which isn't always ideal when out and about. When the Freeloader is not assembled it is definitely a much more robust and weighty proposition than the Uvee, but once those solar wings are connected it becomes vulnerable to wear and tear and loses the war on usability while on the move.

On the upside the Freeloader has great upgrade potential with a range of �sold separately' accessories that include a Super Charger upgrade panel and an AA / AAA battery charger which puts it out of reach of other budget chargers. The Freeloader is ideal if you want to start with a core charger for �36.51 that you can then upgrade over time.

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Solio Solar Charger    
The Solio Solar Charger was something of a marvel when it first launched but has since been overtaken by the Power Monkey Explorer which has a better specification and offers considerably more for the same money. Perhaps the best thing about the Solio Classic is its portability which Better Energy Systems have clearly considered more than its competitors. The Solio Classic comes with a detachable sucker which means it can be stuck to glass so that it can soak up charge while in the car, on the train or even at home. There is also a convenient hole that enables it to be secured to clothing, backpacks or anything else for that matter.

On the flipside, one of the 3 solar panels is always exposed even when the Solio is its closed position which mitigates against rugged application. The Solio is a superior solar charger than the Uvee and the Freeloader but not in the same league as the Power Traveller despite a similar price.

RRP �61.27 - Discontinued