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Made from cast stainless steel and toughened glass, the Astron Solar Bulkhead light is a premium quality fitting that is fully automatic and completely solar powered. This vintage styled warm white light is ideal for illuminating outside areas such as walls, walkways, garages and sheds. The Astron Solar Bulkhead Light comes with Powersaving technology as standard which gives users the option to double runtime in return for a slight reduction in brightness.
Power Saving Technology

Power Saving Technology

Maximise the brightness in the summer and double the runtime on shorter days.
Works in Winter

Works in Winter

A well positioned solar panel will enable this product to work in typical UK winter conditions.
No Mains

No Mains

This light is solar powered and does not require mains power to work.
12 Month Warranty

12 Month Warranty

Features a 12 month warranty as standard.
  • Durable construction from cast stainless steel and toughened glass.
  • Warm white light output adds warmth to any location
  • Powersave™ included giving superb winter performance
  • Separate solar panel with 5m of cable letting you put the light where you need it without comprimising the panel location.
  • Easily replaceable battery providing years of hassle free use.

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review
works well - eventually Verified Purchase
I thought there was a fault with the product as it didn't charge, but when I rang the Solar Centre they obviously knew the problem straight away. There should have been an instruction in the box telling you to remove the plastic strip between the batteries and the contacts when installing the light. Apart from that minor hiccup, I'm delighted with the unit. High build quality at a decent price. I'm expecting years of service from this. Recommended.
By John Farmer on Oct 14, 2017
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Astron Solar Bulkhead light Verified Purchase
Great light. Really pleased with the quality of the product, both the light casing and the solar panel. Light is bright and strong and so far stays on well past being needed. Only issue was that instructions regarding needing to remove the battery isolating tape before use were not included, also that the light needs to be switched on in the dark for the first time was not mentioned. Only found out after a call to Solar Centre to query.
By Chris James on Oct 11, 2017
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Astron Solar Bulkhead Light Verified Purchase
Very efficient service from solarcentre. The light itself is a good bright light which stays on for hours.
By Bernard Fogarty on Sep 6, 2017
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Excellent Service Verified Purchase
Yesterday the 29th August 2017 I rang the Solar centre saying that my bulkhead light purchased in May this yer had stopped giving light, the voice promptly told me that she would send a replacement and guess what arrived this afternoon. That is how a very good company behaves THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Hope this one is OK.
By John Tregunna on Aug 30, 2017
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Astron Bulkhead Light Verified Purchase
-Good brightness and - despite poor weather here - long working hours. -On/Off switch not handy to reach (under the glass cover) -Panel of very clever design, easy mounted -Overall very recommendable piece of equipment.
By Marion Baur on Aug 22, 2017
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Fully Automatic

The Astron Solar Bulkhead Light is fully automatic so once you have set it up and turned it on it will light up at dusk and turn off at dawn automatically. There is an on/off switch inside the housing which enables you to turn the light off completely at any time.

Powersaving Mode

The Astron Solar Bulkhead Light incorporates an optional Powersaving mode which is perfect for those that don't have a great solar panel location available in winter. Powersaving mode reduces the brightness of the light slightly which doubles the available runtime each night.

Indoor and outdoor

The Astron's solar panel needs to be outside in a good location, but the light itself can be used inside sheds, garages or outbuildings as well as outside.

Remote Solar Panel

Years of selling and designing solar lights have taught us that solar lights with separate solar panels always perform better. The Astron comes with 5m of cable between the solar panel and light so you can get a great solar panel location without compromising on the position of your light

Easily Replaceable Lithium Ion Battery

The Astron Solar Bulkhead uses a single high powered 18650 rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (included) which have become the battery of choice for high-end electronics manufacturers. These high powered state-of-the-art batteries will offer years of hassle free use and can be replaced quickly and easily at any point in the future.

Please note that the Astron Solar Bulkhead Light is designed to charge by day and work at night so the unit will not operate if the panel is in daylight unless you unplug the solar panel. This is OK for occasional use, but the unit will struggle to charge if it is regularly used during the day when it is supposed to be charging.


Product ID: SS9920
Weight: 2.25 kg
Product Barcode: 5060188641698

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like two exterior lights to illuminate 2 steps during the evening and night time. I quite like the astron solar bulkhead light but am open to offers and I would need a PIR fitting. Is this possible? What suggestions do you have ?
By Nic Gaskin on Aug 22, 2017

You're not able to add a PIR to this light. All our PIR lights are available in the solar security lights category.

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Hi can you let me know the lumens produced by this light Cheers
By Robert Malaure on May 14, 2017

It outputs 150 lumens

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is an extension cable available to the solar panel,as the light will be out the front and the panel would be at the back of the house.
By ian on Apr 28, 2017

5m cables are available here 

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