Everbright Solar Party Lights - 20 Multicoloured Balls

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Everbright Solar Fairy Lights - Multi 100 LEDs
Everbright Solar Fairy Lights - Multi 100 LEDs £29.99
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Solar multicouloured Balls Verified Purchase
They bring a very warm, happy embiance when the sun has gone. I love them - and no electricity - great!!
By Griffiths on Feb 26, 2015
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fun colours Verified Purchase
Batteries took a bit of changing at first, but since then have worked fabulously. Perfect level of brightness, fun colours.
By Cathleen on Jan 2, 2015
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Solar party lights Verified Purchase
Frustration at first, as the batteries supplied would not hold an adequate charge when charged with the solar panel, the USB or even with a battery charging unit. We eventually bought some new rechargeable batteries - we love the result now the lights are working properly, but a little annoyed that we had to purchase new batteries.
By B Crookes on Dec 17, 2014
Reply from SolarCentre:
This is a one-off but I suspect you had some dud batteries. Please contact us so we can send you some replacement batteries as we do not want you out of pocket.
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Shining brightly as usual Verified Purchase
Cannot fault the product or the service well done yet again
By A White on Dec 4, 2014
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Everbright Solar Party Lights - 20 Multicoloured B Verified Purchase
I was a bit worried to start with as after 3 hours charging via the USB lead, they didn't work. However, another hour or so and they did. They've only been out a few nights (mid October) but seem to last ok. They would need several hours sunshine to give enough charge to last a long evening. But they do have a lovely glow.
By A N Ellis on Oct 23, 2014
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Everbright Solar Party lights are a great way to decorate outdoor spaces for BBQs and partys in the Summer or for that festive feel at Christmas. Our Solar Party Lights use the exact same control box and solar panel as our widely respected Everbright Solar Fairy Lights and offer the same year round reliability.
20 multi coloured decorative solar party balls with 1 LED bulb in each.

Red, Blue, Green and Yellow alternating colours along the string. (Also available in White)

Remote solar panel can be positioned in a sunny area anywhere within 2 metres of the first ball, these really can be positioned anywhere in the garden.
80 centimetres of cable between each ball so easy to use as a border to your party area

Suitable for all year round use and fitted with iPS Technology so you can rely on these even in winter.


4cm diameter
Solar Panel
Height: 13cm
Width: 7cm
Depth: 1cm

Boxed Weight

Weight 1.5kg

How do they work?

The Solar Centre Solar Party Lights are attached to a solar panel with the mode and on/off switch on the back this panel charges the fitted batteries during daylight. At dusk the light sensor in the solar panel turns the lights on automatically for up to 8 hours.

What is iPS Technology?

Intelligent Power Saving Technology (patent pending) is a revolutionary concept in solar technology. It measures the amount of light received by the panel over a 24hr period. Should it fall below a preset threshold the lights will operate at night with a slightly reduced voltage, prolonging the runtime of the lights over the winter period.

How do I install them?

The Solar Party Lights are incredibly easy to install in comparison with mains powered garden lighting.

The box contains 16m length of cable with 20 balls spaced 80 centimetres a part, a solar panel connects to the first light by 2 metres of cable, the panel has two mounting options - Post or spike and each of the lights can simply sit amongst your foliage, from tree to tree or along your fence line.

  • 1. Position your solar party lights in your desired location first then look for a conveneint location to situate the control box within 2 metres of the lights in a position where it can receive a good amount of light.
  • 2. Cover the panel and press the power switch on the back and your lights will come on, uncover the panel and leave them and they will then turn off and automatically come on when dark for upto 8 hrs

Tech Specs

  • 5 x Red LEDs (1 in 4 of the lights)
  • 5 x Blue LEDs (1 in 4 of the lights)
  • 5 x Green LEDs (1 in 4 of the lights)
  • 5 x Yellow LEDs (1 in 4 of the lights)
  • 0.9W Poly crystaline solar panel
  • 2.4V 600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack
  • 8hr battery storage capacity
  • 2 Different lighting modes - Flashing or steady on.
  • iPS Technology
  • Remote Solar Panel
  • IP44 Rated


Product ID: EBPM20
Weight: 0.85 kg
Product Barcode: 5060188640639

Frequently Asked Questions

I was just wondering, is it possible to detach/re-attach/replace any of the LEDs in the string? Thank you!
By Jess on Dec 17, 2014
It is not possible to detach/re-attach/replace the LEDs.
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Sorry - one more question! Does the solar unit detach and how heavy is it approx? e.g. 1 kg or less?
By Jess on Dec 17, 2014
You can detach the solar panel as it is plugged in to the lights. It weights less than 1kg.
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With regard to the coloured lights - are the plastic globes coloured or is it the LED bulbs that provide the colour? Just wanted to know if the fittings would be 'white' colour when the lights are turned off in the day
By jo w on Apr 20, 2014
The plastic globes are white. It is the LEDs which create the colour.
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