Everbright Solar Fairy Lights - Multi 100 LEDs

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Lumify USB Solar Fairy Lights - White 100 LEDs
Lumify USB Solar Fairy Lights - White 100 LEDs £39.99  £34.99
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Solar and Fairy Lights are a match made in heaven for anyone wanting to put up fairy lights outside without using mains power. Our Everbright Solar Fairy Lights have been redesigned from the ground up and offer unrivalled solar powered performance backed-up with a USB charging option. Simply position the solar fairy lights and solar panel module and away you go.
Designed here to work here
Dual Power Charging

Dual Power Charging

Lumify are USB chargeable which means you can use them inside your home as well as outside. USB also gives you the option to fully charge your lights in time for a party or special occasion if the weather has let you down. Simply detach the light string and panel, take the control tube inside and plug it into the mains to charge in as little as 3 hours from flat!
Works in Winter

Works in Winter

A well positioned solar panel will enable this product to work in typical UK winter conditions.
Mains Equivalent

Mains Equivalent

The brightness of this product is comparable to mains powered lights.
UMB-SYS Protection

UMB-SYS Protection

Everbright�s feature a seamless umbrella design sealed by sonic welding to meet stringent IP56 rated waterproofing. This keeps them working reliably night after night, year after year.
  • Premium grade Everbright ™ Solar Fairy Lights
  • Multi-mount installation for easy lawn, fence, deck and wall mounting
  • Dual power – solar powered with emergency USB charge capability
  • Disconnectable light string
  • As bright as mains powered fairy lights
  • Fully weather proof
  • Up to 10 hours operation once fully charged
  • Turn on and off automatically
  • On / Off switch to override automatic function.
  • Charge by day, light at night
  • Easy to install anywhere - User Guide enclosed
  • Choose from 8 lighting modes
  • 1 year warranty
  • No operating costs
  • Everbright Solar Lights
Everbright Solar Fairy Lights White 50 LEDs
Everbright Solar Fairy Lights White 100 LEDs
Everbright Solar Fairy Lights White 300 LEDs
Everbright Solar Fairy Lights Warm White 100 LEDs
Everbright Solar Fairy Lights Warm White 300 LEDs
Everbright Solar Fairy Lights Multi Colour 100 LEDs
Everbright Solar Fairy Lights Multi Colour 300 LEDs
Everbright Solar Fairy Lights Blue 100 LEDs
Everbright Solar Fairy Lights Blue 300 LEDs

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review
options Verified Purchase
can not find constantly on option
By Colin Smith on Jun 30, 2015
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Excellent Product Verified Purchase
Fantastic quality, light up all through the night and never flicker like cheaper sets, admittedly slightly more expensive but well worth every penny, I am now considering a second set, Would recommend without a doubt.
By Waters on Jun 6, 2015
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Bright light!!! Beautiful fairy lights for the garden,it lifts the spirit to see such lovely lights with all the sequences they can do and it's wonderful being able to use them in those dark winter nights because of the USB
By Kate Hall on Jun 5, 2015
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Lovely lights Verified Purchase
Received in 2 days which is really good with no p&p. I have put them in my summerhouse and they give a wonderful night-time glow. Far superior to other makes I have had.
By Miriam Forsey on Jun 5, 2015
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Very pretty! Verified Purchase
These lights seem to charge very well even in cloudy weather and keep going all through the evening. Good value and quick delivery.
By B J Palmer on Jun 3, 2015
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What's the difference between the old Everbrights and the new ones?

We have fundamentally improved the design, reliability, performance and price of the new Everbrights.

Simplified design
We have moved away from the old design where the solar panel and control box were two separate units. The new Everbright solar panel and control box are combined into one unit. This state of the art design makes the unit much lighter and much more waterproof.

USB Chargeable
Everbright’s are now USB chargeable which means you can use them inside your home as well as outside. USB also gives you the option to fully charge your lights in time for a party or special occasion if the weather has let you down.

Replaceable batteries
The old Everbrights had a specialist sealed battery pack which was not commonly available and tricky to access. The new Everbrights use standard AA rechargeable batteries which are available in all supermarkets and can be replaced in under a minute without so much as a screwdriver.

Multi-mount system
Our new innovative Multi-Mount Installation System gives you the option to set up your Everbrights in virtually any location that gets good access to sunlight including your lawn, decking, fence, trellis, wall or roof.

More Modes
The new Everbrights come with 2 extra modes so there are now 8 modes to choose from instead of 6. We've also made 'constant on' the first mode as this is the most popular mode based on customer feedback.

Although incredibly reliable, there was a rare fault which affected the buttons on small number of old Everbright units. The new Everbrights use a much simpler and more reliable push switch mechanism which has completely fixed this issue.

Now for the really good news! We have reduced the price of the new Everbrights considerably. A new set of 50 LEDs (5 metres) will cost you £19.99 which is £10 less than the old sets of Everbright 50 LEDs. The 100 LEDs (10 metres) have also been reduced by £10 to £29.99. We couldn't bring the cost down on the 280 LED bulb set (28 metres) but we have added 20 extra bulbs to 300 bulbs (30 metres) and kept the price the same at £69.99.

What are the advantages of Everbright Solar Fairy Lights Vs mains powered fairy lights?

We believe Everbright Solar Fairy Lights are better than mains powered LED lights for the following reasons:

  • Quick, simple and safe to install
  • Self sufficient so you can put them anywhere there is light
  • Safer than mains powered fairy lights
  • No operating costs unlike mains powered lights
  • Turn on and off automatically using an advanced light sensor
  • They are environmentally friendly unlike mains powered fairy lights
  • Back-up USB charging capability giving you the best of both worlds


Product ID: EBM100
Weight: 0.63 kg
Product Barcode: 5060188640431


Spike Mounted:
Above ground height: 25cm
Total height: 41cm
Width: 11cm
Depth: 14cm

Surface Mounted:
Total height: 18cm
Width: 11cm
Depth: 14cm

In the Box

  • Everbright solar panel module
  • Fairy light string
  • Spike Mount
  • Wall/Fence/Deck Mount
  • Spike mounting pole
  • 1.85m light string extension cable
  • USB charging cable
  • 2 x AA rechargeable batteries (installed)
  • Fixings pack
  • Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the positions that I would like to sight my lights is in a mostly shady position. I have the USB cable option of course, but would there be any downside to disconnecting the solar panel to charge separately on the sunny (ha ha if only ) side of the garden and then reconnecting in the evening ?
By PETER FRANKLIN on May 31, 2015
Obviously we do not recommend installing the solar panel in a shaded location. However, what you have suggested would work. The only downside is having to remember to move the unit every day and the lack of charge and effect it will have on the batteries.
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Ethel Mills asked you in another enquiry if butterfly attachments could be used on the Everbright solar fairy lights ( answer yes ). Do you sell these butterfly attachments ?
By PETER FRANKLIN on May 11, 2015
We do sell the attachments: https://www.thesolarcentre.co.uk/catalog/Solar_Fairy_Light_LED_Attachments-55-1.html
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If I wanted more than one set of 300 lights would it be beneficial together to get 3x100 or all on one 1set 300 to last the winter espially the dark nights
By Lorna on Mar 19, 2015
Both options would work. The 300 lights have a bigger battery than the 100 to support the larger amount of LEDs.
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