Everjet Solar Fountain


Add a solar fountain to your pond or water feature without the need for mains wiring with the new Everjet Solar Fountain. The Everjet Solar Fountain is designed to work mainly in direct sunlight, but its replaceable backup batteries can keep it running for up to 7 hours in cloudy conditions or after dark. The Everjet can be installed in minutes and everything you need is in the box.
Mains free solar powered fountain ideal for ponds or water features. Can be setup in minutes and everything you need is in the box

Works constantly in sunlight but included AA rechargeable backup batteries enable fountain to run for 7 hours without sun once fully charged

Standard AA rechargeable batteries are housed in solar panel unit. No need for a separate battery box, specialist batteries and unnecessary wires

High quality brushless pump with adjustable flow enables you to control the height of the water jet

Float included so your pump sits perfectly on the surface of the water. 4 different fountain tips also included. Designed to work in the UK

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solar fountain Verified Purchase
pump will not stay in centre in deep water
By neville ray on May 21, 2016
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Great Verified Purchase
Not as effective as my previous one that had a larger panel and would run with the sun behind high cloud, but that only lasted a year. This one was better value and does run well when the sun is out. Very impressed with service from solar centre. Ordered processed dispatched and received in 24 hours with regular email and text updates regarding the delivery.
By Andrew Poulton on May 18, 2016
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Everjet Solar Fountain Verified Purchase
We are very pleased with this little fountain, easy to set up with a good sized solar panel and plenty of cable. We now have the gentle sound of water playing in our wildlife pond, with the panel in a sunny spot on the bank so we can easily reach the on/off switch.
By AnnieC on May 15, 2016
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everjet solar fountain Verified Purchase
fitted this to an existing self contained waterfall, brilliant instantly, the solar panel was fitted to the top of my fence, with pipe brackets, to secure the most sunshine. :)
By jan on May 7, 2016
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Everjet fountain Verified Purchase
Delighted with my fountain,thankyou for prompt delivery.Did you overcharge me.I paid £17.99 and its stated as £14.99.
By Pat jackson on May 6, 2016
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Where can I use my Everjet Solar Fountain?
You can use your Everjet in any freshwater container that has water deeper than 10cm so long as the solar panel gets an unobstructed view of the sun.

How does the Everjet work?
During the day the sunís rays hit the Everjets solar panel which charge up the backup batteries which then power the fountain. If your Everjet is turned off, all the suns energy is stored up inside the backup batteries ready for when you use it next. Once fully charged, the Everjetís batteries will keep the fountain running for up to 7 hours even if there is no sun.

What performance can I expect from the Everjet Solar Fountain?
Sunny Days: With the solar panel in direct sunlight, the Everjet Solar Fountain can work constantly throughout the day.

Partly Sunny Days: The Everjet Solar Fountain can work constantly throughout the day. When cloud comes over the backup batteries will take over and run the pump until the sun comes out again.

Cloudy days and winter use: The Everjet can work for up to 7 hours without sun once the backup batteries are fully charged. When you are not using the Everjet simply turn it off by pressing the power button on the underside of the solar panel unit so it is full charged for when you need it next.

Night use: Once fully charged the backup batteries in the Everjet Solar Fountain enable it to work for up to 7 hours after dark. If you want to use your Everjet after dark ensure it is turned off throughout the day so that it is fully charged come night time.

What makes the Everjet Solar Fountain better than other solar fountains?
The Everjet is unique because it has its backup batteries housed in its solar panel unit so there is no need for a separate battery box. Solar fountains with a separate battery box are not only more awkward to install, but leave you with wires littered all around your water feature.

The Everjet is unique because it uses commonly available AA rechargeable batteries (included). After a few years use simply unscrew the battery compartment on the underside of the solar panel unit and replace the AA rechargeable batteries which are available from all supermarkets. Other solar pumps on the market use specialist batteries which are harder to find.

Do solar fountains work in the same way as solar lights?
They do work in the same way, but there is one crucial difference. Solar lights charge their batteries up during the day and then use that charge to light up after dark. Solar fountains with backup batteries are different because they are designed to work during the day at the same time they are charging.

Whatís the difference between solar fountains with back up batteries and solar fountains without backup batteries?
Solar fountains without backup batteries will only work when the solar panel is in direct sunlight. If a cloud comes over or it is a dull day, solar fountains without backup batteries will struggle to work because they canít store the suns energy. Solar fountains with backup batteries can store the suns energy as well as power the fountain so if a cloud comes over or it is a dull day the fountain will continue to operate until either the batteries run flat or the sun reappears.


Product ID: SS9827
Weight: 1.10 kg
Product Barcode: 5060188641346

In the Box

1 x Solar panel
1 x Brushless pump
1 x Pump float
5 x Rechargeable AA batteries
4 x Fountain tips
4 x Fountain shaft extension poles
1 x Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

When will this item be available for purchase please?
By Barbara Brown on Jul 2, 2016
This has been discontinued and won't be available again.
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if we connected a flexi pipe to the pump how far verticaly would the pump, pump to flow into a water feature, it would only have to be a trickle.
By Colin Robillard on Apr 3, 2016
This is not a very powerful pump and is ideal for small ponds and bird baths. I suspect it would be a trickle.
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Could I fit a flexi pipe to the pump to route the water through a stone frog, instead of using the fountain attachment? Thanks
By Carole on Mar 18, 2016
Yes you could providing the water does not need to go far to go through the frog. It is not a powerful pump and is ideal for bird baths and small ponds.
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