Lumify USB Solar Icicle Lights - 300 LEDs

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Our groundbreaking limited edition Lumify DualWhite Christmas range brings the convenience of solar power to large festive display pieces that were previously only available as mains-powered fittings. These stunning Icicle lights incorporate 300 Lumify DualWhite LEDs and span 11m.
Power Saving Technology

Power Saving Technology

Maximise the brightness in the summer and double the runtime on shorter days.
Works in Winter

Works in Winter

A well positioned solar panel will enable this product to work in typical UK winter conditions.
Dual Power Charging

Dual Power Charging

USB charging gives you the option to fully charge your lights in time for a party or special occasion if the weather has let you down. Simply plug in a USB cable to charge in as little as 3 hours from flat!
Mains Equivalent

Mains Equivalent

The brightness of this product is comparable to mains powered lights.
  • Up to 8 days run time from a single USB full charge alone
  • 8hr Auto-off switch timer
  • Our latest 3 in 1 USB chargeable solar powered Christmas lights
  • Set your DualWhite lights to light up in white, warm white or our stunning new blended white colour
  • Add fairy lighting anywhere outdoors without the need for mains power
  • Mains brightness from a portable product
  • Designed to work using solar power alone, but can also be charged by USB
  • Can work for 12 nights from a single USB charge with little help from the sun
  • Optional Powersaving mode reduces brightness but doubles runtimes
  • Designed specifically to work in UK winter
  • 2m of cable between solar panel and first LED bulb
  • High grade frost-resistant polycrystalline solar panels
  • Turn on automatically at night and turn off automatically at dawn
  • On/off switch too so you can turn them off whenever you want
  • 4 lighting modes for each of the three colour temperatures
  • Stake and deck/wall mount supplied for solar panel
  • Simple to install with no wiring required
  • Everything you need is included the box
  • Full 1 year guarantee as standard

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review
4.3/5 (4 customer reviews)

Very good Verified Purchase
We bought these to add some festive cheer to a spot in the garden that we can't get mains power to. Overall I'm very impressed. The build quality of the panel, battery pack and the sealed connectors are the best I've seen on this type of light. I've zero hesitation in recommending them. The only thing I didn't like was the cheap 18650 battery. The supplied one barely lasted 2 nights on full lights (non twinkling) i bought 2 button top 18650 batteries elsewhere from a trusted brand and got 4 to 5 nights before a recharge was needed....just something to factor in if you're using batteries alone.
By Bob on Jan 8,2024
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Stunning Christmas lights Verified Purchase
Was really struggling to find battery operated lights for outside and found these. Thought I'd try them and I'm so pleased. Colour options great and the light produced is amazing.
By Alison McKeown on Dec 12,2021
Helpful? 2 | 0

Good alternative to mains powered lights Verified Purchase
Have to rely on recharging using the USB because there's not much sun about at the moment but pleased with the look and brightness of the warm and white icicle Xmas lights.
By Sally on Dec 11,2021
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Christmas joy Verified Purchase
Have just put these up at the weekend and look great. Love the choice of white or the softer warm lights. 5 out 5
By Jon on Nov 22,2021
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What is DualWhite?

Each LED on our latest Lumify DualWhite USB Solar Christmas Lights can light up in either white, warm white or our stunning new blended white colour. With DualWhite you can change your outdoor feel from ice white to a warm white vintage glow at the press of a button. Or you can try our stunning brand new blended white colour. If white is silver, and warm white is gold, our new blended white colour would be something like platinum.

If you've had Lumify before you might notice a few other changes. The DualWhite string is clear instead of green and the tube and redesigned 3W solar panel are a light anthracite grey instead of green.

Lumify Solar Christmas Lights

The Solar Centre was the first company to bring solar fairy lights to the UK market. Lumify DualWhite is our fourth generation solar fairy light product and by far the best. We have learnt a lot from our customers since we started designing solar lights fifteen years ago and all that knowledge and experience has been poured into our Lumify DualWhite design making them by far the most advanced solar lighting product we have ever launched. Our 3 in 1 DualWhite LEDs don't just change colour, they are also brighter and more efficient.

Innovative Tube Design

Water ingress is one of the main reasons solar lights fail. Lumify uses an innovative new tube design which guarantees unrivalled waterproofing. The battery compartment, power switch, mode switch and USB charging port are all protected under an o-ring sealed screw cap which offers bottle-tight waterproofing. Both the solar panel and LED string are connected into the base of the tube using o-ring sealed valve connectors so there are no weak points.

Powersaving Mode

Powersaving mode is for those that don't have a great solar panel location available and aren't able to USB charge. Lumify's advanced Powersaving mode reduces brightness slightly which doubles the runtime of the lights.

Enhanced USB Charging

We pioneered USB charging on our Everbright range back in 2012 because not everyone has a solar-friendly spot in their garden. Lumify's unique high-efficiency circuit design takes USB charge to a new level. Lumify can work for 6 nights in a row from a single 4 hour USB charge with only a little help from the sun - this can be extended to 12 days if you use Powersaving mode.

Remote Solar Panel

Years of selling and designing solar lights have taught us that solar lights with separate solar panels always perform better. Lumify is a 3 piece system consisting of the solar panel, control tube and light string. The solar panel is connected to control tube by a 2m cable and there is 2m of cable between the control tube and the first LED bulb on the light string. This means that you can get your solar panel in a great location (the higher up the better) but still have your control tube within easy reach.

Disconnectable Solar Panel and Fairy Light String

Lumify have been carefully designed to ensure that both the solar panel and fairy light string can be disconnected from the control tube quickly and easily so you can leave your lights and solar panel in situ if you ever need to take the control tube inside to charge it by USB.

Lighting Modes

Lumify DualWhite offers 4 lighting modes in each of the three colours making 12 modes in all. The modes are 1) all lights on 2) slow flash 3) slow fade and 4) mode cycle. Steady on is by far the most popular mode among our own customers so we have made this mode the first mode and the default mode on Lumify. Once you have selected your favourite mode Lumify will remember that setting and light up in that mode automatically each night.

Fully Automatic

Lumify USB Solar Christmas Lights are fully automatic so once you have set them up, turned them on and selected your favourite mode, they will light up automatically at dusk and turn off automatically after 8 hours. There is an on/off switch in the control tube so you can turn your lights off at any point. You can also use the on/off switch to reset the timer - simply turn your lights off and back on at any point in the evening and the 8 hour timer will be reset. Lumify will continue to charge if they have been switched off, but they will not turn on and off automatically until they have been turned on at the switch.


Product ID: SC2122
Weight: 0.66 kg
Product Barcode: 5060188643678


Control Tube
14cm long with a 4.5cm diameter

Solar Panel
17cm x 12cm x 2cm

Icicle string length is 11m

Frequently Asked Questions

Our beautiful lights were in perfect working condition but now have failed to come on? They are fully charged suggestions please
By Pat Honey on Dec 22,2023

Please can you try the following test for me and email me back to let me know what happened step-by-step. That way we can diagnose the issue quickly and easy and either replace the part or if you are outside the warranty period, send you a link to which part you need. 
1: Turn lights off at the switch in the tube
2: USB charge the tube for 30 minutes. (check to see if light in tube lights red or green. If the charge indicator light does not illuminate you may have a tube fault)
3: Reconnect tube to the light string and solar panel during the day
4: Check the charge indicator light inside the tube is glowing red or green with the solar panel connected during the day. (if the charge light does not light have a solar panel fault)
5: Disconnect the solar panel to see if the lights then come on (if not you may have a string fault. Please feed length of string through your hands checking for damage)
When testing lights for the first time please make sure you are testing these in the dark or with the panel face down. Lights will not work if the panel detects daylight/artificial light.

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Can they flicker between the 3 different whites all at the same time, or is it just one white for all no matter which mode/pattern is selected until a new selection is made?
By Tony Fisher on Dec 20,2023


depending on the mode, they may be able to flicker between colours or have more than one colour at a time. 

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Do these lights come with gutter clips or do you sell those separately?
By Alison Harper on Dec 2,2023

Sorry, these do not come with gutter clips and we do not sell them on our site. 

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