Lumify USB Solar Vintage Bulb Lights - Set Of 10

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Add vintage festoon bulb lighting anywhere outside quickly and easily with our premium grade Lumify USB Solar Vintage Bulb Lights. Each set has 10 bulbs that each contain 4 vintage warm white micro LEDs. The bulbs are spaced 80cm apart along a 7.2m string with an additional 1.9m between the control tube and the first bulb.

Lumify uses our latest high efficiency circuit design backed up with enhanced USB charging and our new Powersaving technology to guarantee unrivalled performance night after night, year after year.
Power Saving Technology

Power Saving Technology

Maximise the brightness in the summer and double the runtime on shorter days.
Works in Winter

Works in Winter

A well positioned solar panel will enable this product to work in typical UK winter conditions.
Dual Power Charging

Dual Power Charging

Lumify are USB chargeable which means you can use them inside your home as well as outside. USB also gives you the option to fully charge your lights in time for a party or special occasion if the weather has let you down. Simply detach the light string and panel, take the control tube inside and plug it into the mains to charge in as little as 3 hours from flat!
Mains Equivalent

Mains Equivalent

The brightness of this product is comparable to mains powered lights.
  • Add fairy lighting anywhere outdoors without the need for mains power
  • Mains brightness from a portable product
  • Designed to work using solar power alone, but can also be charged by USB
  • Can work for 12 nights from a single USB charge with little help from the sun
  • Optional Powersaving™ mode reduces brightness but doubles runtimes
  • Designed specifically to work in UK winter
  • 2m of cable between solar panel and first LED bulb
  • High grade frost-resistant polycrystalline solar panels
  • Turn on automatically at night and turn off automatically at dawn
  • On/off switch too so you can turn them off whenever you want
  • 8 lighting modes including all the bulbs constantly on, and flashing modes
  • Uses high quality replaceable 18650 lithium ion battery (supplied and installed)
  • Stake and deck/wall mount supplied for solar panel
  • Low voltage, safe to use year round outdoors
  • Simple to install with no wiring required
  • Everything you need is included the box
  • Full 1 year guarantee as standard

Customer Reviews

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Really pretty lights Verified Purchase
Delivery was super quick. The lights are really easy to set up, the additional USB charge is amazing! These lights look equally as good in the daylight as they do all lit up at night. I just love them! The quality is fantastic and the plastic they are made of really does look like glass! I would not hesitate to buy from this company again. 5 stars from us :)
By Clare on May 15, 2020
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Beautiful set Verified Purchase
If you're after a beautiful shimmering set to hang in a tree then look no further. Much more resilient than they look, the 'bulbs' aren't overly large and create a restrained stylish sparkle rather than bright illumination. Highly recommended!
By Nick on May 15, 2020
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Best solar lights Verified Purchase
I researched solar lights for so long, as I have always been disappointed with past purchases, I decided to pay a little extra and was so glad I did! These lights are really good quality and give a lovely warm glow in my patio. I can’t recommend them enough!
By Sarah on May 15, 2020
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Really good lghts Verified Purchase
I love these lights, they're amazing. Bright, well made and they look really good. Also the light lasts a while, you an set them to last even longer if you put them dimmer, the battery is replaceable if performance drops and is chargeable with mains. My only gripe was that the bulbs are plastic and not glass, which felt a little cheap at first. However in hindsight this choice of material makes sense for both cost and durability. They're also not as heavy which makes hanging them a lot easier. Looking at them at night /i can't tell the difference anyway.
By Alex on May 13, 2020
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Fastoon Lights Verified Purchase
Was impressed that they lit up at dusk after fitting them in the afternoon. However, they are too big for my very small flat patio and am going to swop them with a smaller type attached to my gazebo at the bottom of the garden. I wouldn't describe them as "vintage" as they give off quite a modern glow.
By Lesley Broderick on May 11, 2020
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Lumify USB Solar Vintage Bulb Lights

The Solar Centre was the first company to bring solar string lights to the UK market. Lumify is our third generation solar string light product and by far the best. We have learnt a lot from our customers since we started designing solar lights ten years ago and all that knowledge and experience has been poured into the Lumify design making them by far the most advanced solar festoon lighting product we have ever launched.

Innovative Tube Design

Water ingress is one of the main reasons solar lights fail. Lumify festoon lights use an innovative new tube design which guarantees unrivalled waterproofing. The battery compartment, power switch, mode switch and USB charging port are all protected under an o-ring sealed screw cap which offers bottle-tight waterproofing. Both the solar panel and LED string are connected into the base of the tube using o-ring sealed valve connectors so there are no weak points.

Slick Solar Panel Design

Lumify's slick solar panel is just 8mm thick and uses thermally toughened ultra-clear tempered glass to seal the Lumify solar cells which maximises transmission efficiency and is guaranteed not to cloud over time. Clouding is common on cheap and mid-range solar lights and is one of the main reasons they deteriorate within a year or two. Lumify solar panels also offer a high degree of frost resistance which means they will clear quickly on those chilly winter mornings allowing them to soak up all available winter sun throughout the day. Lumify solar panels come with stake and wall mounting options included and can be angled up and down as well as tilted left and right.

Easily Replaceable Lithium Ion Battery

Lumify uses a single high powered 18650 rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (included) which have become the battery of choice for high-end electronics manufacturers. These high powered state-of-the-art batteries will offer years of hassle free use and can be replaced quickly and easily at any point in the future.

Powersaving Mode

Powersaving mode is for those that don't have a great solar panel location available and aren't able to USB charge. Lumify's advanced Powersaving mode reduces brightness slightly which doubles the runtime of the lights.

Enhanced USB Charging

We pioneered USB charging on our Everbright range back in 2012 because not everyone has a solar-friendly spot in their garden. Lumify's unique high-efficiency circuit design takes USB charge to a new level. Lumify solar festoon lights can work for 6 nights in a row from a single 4 hour USB charge with only a little help from the sun - this can be extended to 12 days if you use Powersaving mode.

Remote Solar Panel

Years of selling and designing solar lights have taught us that solar lights with separate solar panels always perform better. Lumify is a 3 piece system consisting of the solar panel, control tube and light string. The solar panel is connected to control tube by a 2m cable and there is 2m of cable between the control tube and the first LED bulb on the light string. This means that you can get your solar panel in a great location (the higher up the better) but still have your control tube within easy reach.

Indoor and outdoor

Lumify have been designed to be used outdoors where they will withstand everything the British weather can throw at them, but that doesn't mean you can't use them indoors too! Simply remove the battery, disconnect the solar panel and plug them in to a USB charging source where they can operate indoors like normal mains powered lights.

Disconnectable Solar Panel and string Light String

Lumify have been carefully designed to ensure that both the solar panel and string light string can be disconnected from the control tube quickly and easily so you can leave your lights and solar panel in situ if you ever need to take the control tube inside to charge it by USB.

8 Lighting Modes

Lumify has 8 lighting modes including all sorts of flashing and alternating sequences as well as steady on where all lights stay on all the time with no flashing. Steady on is by far the most popular mode among our own customers so we have made this mode the first mode and the default mode on Lumify. Once you have selected your favourite mode Lumify will remember that setting and light up in that mode automatically each night.

Fully Automatic

Lumify USB solar festoon lights are fully automatic so once you have set them up, turned them on and selected your favourite mode they will light up at dusk and turn off at dawn automatically. There is an on/off switch in the control tube so you can turn them off at any point. Lumify will continue to charge when turned off using the switch in the control tube, but they wont come on again until you turn them back on at the switch.


Product ID: LVB10
Weight: 0.80 kg
Product Barcode: 5060188641858


Control pack to panel 2 meters

Light String
Total length of cable 9.1 meters
Control pack to lights 1.9 meters
7.2 meters of lights
10 x Vintage Bulbs (spaced 80cm apart)
Each bulb contains 4 warm white micro LEDs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a warranty on the lights? How long do they usually last? Thanks
By Michelle on Mar 2, 2020

With all our products there is a one year warranty, so if there is any issues in that time yo ucan always get in touch. With regards to the product we would suggest changing the battery after 2-3 years. The longevity of the product relies on a mixture of things such as location, usage ect so hard to a concrete answer.


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What are the bulbs made from, glass or plastic?
By Jean on Aug 2, 2019

The bulbs are made from a toughened clear plastic that closely resembles glass but stops them breaking

Helpful? 8 | 1

Hi could you please send me dimensions of the light bulb,thanks
By Mr S Demiceli on Feb 16, 2019

Each bulb has a max diameter of 59mm and a height of 105mm

Helpful? 6 | 1


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