Advance USB Solar Smart Festoon Lights - Set Of 50

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Advance USB Solar Smart Festoon Lights - Set Of 50
Advance USB Solar Smart Festoon Lights - Set Of 50

Total Price: £129.98

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Add festoon light anywhere quickly and easily with this stunning set of 50 smart app controlled colour changing bulbs. Once installed you can use the free Smart Life app on your mobile phone or tablet to control the colour and mode of these amazing lights.
No Mains

No Mains

This light is solar powered and does not require mains power to work.
Power Saving Technology

Power Saving Technology

Maximise the brightness in the summer and double the runtime on shorter days.
Up to 10 Hours Run Time

Up to 10 Hours Run Time

Will light for up to 10 hrs from a full charge.
Works in Winter

Works in Winter

A well positioned solar panel will enable this product to work in typical UK winter conditions.
  • Stunning set of 50 smart app-controlled colour-changing festoon lights
  • Choose from blends of blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange, red, pink or colour changing
  • Etched acrylic reflector creates stunning squirrel cage light bulb effect
  • 14.7m of lights with an additional 1.85m between the solar panel and first bulb
  • Can be charged by USB quickly and easily
  • Solar panel stake and wall/deck mount included
  • Two reserve battery bays allow you to triple charge capacity
  • Even glow technology ensures a perfectly uniform light output
  • Screw cap ensures bottle-tight waterproofing for controls and batteries
  • Two power settings let you choose between brighter lights or longer run times
  • USB charging lead included
  • Designed to work year-round in the UK
  • 1 year full guarantee
  • Requires smart device and Smart Life app to enjoy full features

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review
4/5 (6 customer reviews)

Need yellow!! Verified Purchase
These have a light every 12 inches or so compared to others with a light every meter. I'm really disappointed you can't get the colour yellow. A greeny colour is the closest, hence my 4 star review, not 5. I did buy an additional two batteries as it only comes with one. They are lovely and bright and at 4 in the morning I think we could land a plane in our garden!

Customer Photos:
By Anna Taylor on May 30,2023
Helpful? 2 | 0

Great Product Verified Purchase
Great product at a great price! Clever 'App' for my iPhone Vey satisfied so far. Also got a great deal with 17% off
By Garry on May 3,2023
Helpful? 1 | 0

Lots of lights Verified Purchase
The best thing about these lights is the quantity of lights. My garden is pretty long and when draped along the fence, it went all the way to the bottom of the garden and then along the bottom. The app means you can control the color of the lights. Although weirdly, there is no selection for a normal white light. You can get vivid blues and reds, oranges, every other color under the sun! The closest I can get is a light yellow. They supply one battery but this has not been enough to power the lights for more than a couple of nights. I have to plug it into the mains for a proper charge. I'm ordering some more re-chargable batteries to see if that helps. They are not super bright, ie: they won't illuminate your whole garden but they give off enough light to look nice if you just want something decorative. I think the best thing about the product is the amount of lights you get. They seem well made.
By Lucy James on Jan 27,2023
Helpful? 3 | 0

Disappointing for the price. Verified Purchase
I have purchased a number of different products from the Solar Centre and generally been very happy with them. But this time I am disappointed. This product is supplied with only one battery, despite having capacity for three. The description says that this is to ‘allow you to triple charge capacity', but my view is that if the product performs best with three batteries then it should be supplied with three! What I can tell you is that with only a single battery the performance is disappointing: 1. The lights are quite dim. They glow rather than shine. 2. In the current ‘winter days' the charge does not last very long. The battery is being used up all the time, even if you switch off the lights via the app. I assume this is because they are maintaining a Bluetooth connection (looking for the app to connect). So the only way to get back to full charge is switch the lights off with the switch in the solar panel, so that the sunlight can do its work. Or you have to bring the entire panel into your house to recharge via USB. Both options are a pain to do. 3. You cannot set the lights to a warm white (yellow) colour. In the FAQs that it says you can set ‘a vintage warm white colour', but this is not true – at least with the lights operating on a single battery. The yellow zone of the app's colour wheel is very small and selecting it gives you a green & yellow combination (more green than yellow). Green is the dominant colour of the colour selections, including the central ‘white' area of the wheel. The colours you can get are green, red, magenta, purple, blue and aqua. It is possible these failings would be solved by installing three batteries but I have been unable to confirm this. The required batteries are not AA size, they are a much larger type 18650 Lithium Ion and these are quite hard to find. You can get them from places like Amazon, if you buy them with a product (such as a torch) or with an expensive dedicated charger. Also, you will find that usually these batteries have a built-in charge protection (so that they don't explode) making them too long to fit in compartment for this product. I did eventually find a site that supplies this kind of battery and ordered three Samsung brand batteries for just under £20. The instructions with the lights say that additional batteries must be 2200mAh to match the one supplied, or you can upgrade to a higher power battery as long as you instal three the same. I couldn't find any 2200mAh batteries – all the available ones were higher so that's why I had to buy three x 2500mAh. Unfortunately, when I installed them the lights didn't work at all. So that was £20 down the drain and I still have the lights with their disappointing one battery performance.
By Peter on Jan 26,2023
Helpful? 23 | 0

Good quality Verified Purchase
The lights are great colours are pretty good and quite bright considering they are solar it's nice that there is a good sized battery and space for two more if needed the length of the festoon is long and with fifty bulbs will fit most peoples needs they are expensive but well made so I hope they will last for quite a while. I got a different set of lights to the ones I ordered and had to return them to the solar centre and after a week I am still waiting for the refund on the postage I had to pay apart from that I am happy with the product although the customer service is dreadful.
By Philip Taylor on Oct 8,2022
Helpful? 4 | 0

Advance USB Solar Smart Festoon Lights - Set Of 50 Verified Purchase
These lights are superb. So many bulbs, lovely bright colours and easy setup. Even the app is simple to use. Initially I was hesitant because of the price, but these are a quality product and because solar, have zero running costs. Solar centre solar panels are very reliable as well. I've got a number of their other products that switch on every night even though winter, so I new the price was justified. Only problem is, every time they bring a new product out, I can't resist making another purchase :)
By A. Thomas on Sep 23,2022
Helpful? 6 | 0


Advance USB Solar Festoon Lights

These state-of-the-art app-controlled lights allow you to choose from blends of blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange, red and pink or transition through a series of different colours. Once set, Advance will light up in your favourite colour automatically each night. You can even programme your Advance smart app lights to turn on and off at different times on different days or light up in time to music. These beautiful lights include a clever etched acrylic reflector which creates a super-authentic squirrel cage light bulb effect.

USB Charging

The Advance system has been designed to work year-round in the UK using solar power alone, but it can also be charged via USB. SolarCentre pioneered USB charging on solar lights back in 2012 because not everyone has a solar-friendly spot in their garden, and even if you do, the weather can sometimes let you down.

Triple Play

Our Advance panel is designed to work year-round using the single lithium-ion battery that comes supplied and installed, but it also has two additional reserve battery bays giving you the option to double or even triple your battery capacity. Installing two additional batteries, USB charging them and then selecting Powersaving mode will provide an incredibly robust system that will see you through even the darkest of winters.

Bottle-tight waterproofing

No one likes faffing around with a screwdriver to access batteries, controls or USB ports. Rubber bungs might be convenient, but they are also vulnerable to water ingress. Advance's batteries, USB port and switch are all housed under an o-ring sealed screw cap which offers quick and easy access with bottle-tight waterproofing.


Two power settings let you choose between brighter lights or longer run times.


Product ID: SC2204
Weight: 1.00 kg
Product Barcode: 5060188644033


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the cable?
By Jayne Bond on Apr 10,2024


  • 14.7m of lights with an additional 1.85m between the solar panel and first bulb
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What batteries do I need for charging as you only supply one.
By Tracy Taylor on Dec 3,2023

Thank you for your question. These are the batteries you need 

Helpful? 1 | 0

Can the bulbs be set to white like the vintage festoon lights?
By Bartlett on Nov 4,2023

Hi Barlett, These will be able to turn warm white more a yellow tone but wont be able to go cool white.

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