ShapeLights Indoor & Outdoor USB Solar Powered Mood Light - Mini Cube

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Discover your favourite new feature for your garden with our solar-powered ShapeLight - Mini Cube. This versatile mood light is perfect to add an element of style to any outdoor or indoor living space with extraordinary ease. Set to your favourite colour or gently cycle through all six colours to create a truly compelling atmosphere.
  • Indoor and outdoor mood light
  • Features hidden solar panel for power
  • USB charge can illuminate for up to 50 hours
  • Six colour rotations; blue, light blue, green, purple, pink and red
  • Set to your favourite colour or rotate through the six
  • Also has a warm white and natural white setting
  • Perfect for any garden, balcony or patio
  • Create a fun night light for a children’s bedroom
  • Simple and straightforward installation
  • Full year warranty as standard

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review
4.6/5 (10 customer reviews)

Lovely and very cost effective lighting!! Verified Purchase
Mood lights everywhere………such a great idea for these times when electricity is so expensive. I love mine and have three now!!!
By Dulcie Ogilvie on May 9, 2022
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Excellent lights Verified Purchase
Yes, these are on the pricey side but they look great, are a decent size and last so much better than your average cheap solar light, which either quickly fades or breaks. Worth the money.
By Sarah on Apr 17, 2022
Helpful? 0 | 0

Mini Cube, Maxi Cheer Verified Purchase
Bought a number of these mini cubes, recently, as early Christmas gifts and they are all spreading their cheery light inside and out. I have one outside with solar pebbles, but as it's small, I can move it about - take it up the garden with an evening cuppa, or inside to relax to music with the lights off. Fully charged via USB in about an hour, but seems to be charging well via the solar option. If it's as good as the solar pebbles from the same company, I'll be very pleased. We have them outside all year round.
By Isobel Quill on Sep 10, 2021
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Whoa Verified Purchase
good: Okay these look amazing. They are really easy to use. plus you even get little legs for these in the package + a sharp stick that can be screwed under the cube if some elevation is necessary. they look super modern for molded plastic cubes. and they were brighter than i expected. !would recommend! bad: ordered 6 and one of them had a little defect: one of the cube sides has a small excess bump of plastic inside it and it can be seen through the side. Since they are so easy to open i scraped off most of it so no biggie.
By Urmo A on Jun 28, 2021
Helpful? 1 | 0

Solar shape lights / moodlights Verified Purchase
I now have 6 of these , 2 cactus 2 mushrooms, and 2 cubes , they are totally waterproof, very bright and I've had some of mine in the garden for 3 years and haven't changed batteries, just occasionally need a wipe with a damp cloth, totally recommend 👍
By Jacki goodings on Jun 12, 2021
Helpful? 2 | 0

Simply amazing Verified Purchase
It's amazing … added an elegant touch to our garden .. transfer the place to dreamy spot…
By Lamice on Jun 6, 2021
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Nice bright Lights for Outdoors Verified Purchase
These lights are great and although called Mini Cube, they are still a decent size. I purchased 4 of them, and placed 2 in front garden which helps us light up a dark driveway at night, and 2 in the rear garden. All are on the outdoor setting for solar charging and so far have come on when it's dusk and producing lovely bright lighting. Hoping to purchase a couple more in future.
By Tracey J on Apr 15, 2021
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Perfect Verified Purchase
We wanted something that would highlight a corner in the evenings and in low warm light setting it does the job. Once fully charged and in garden mode it lasts for 6 hours before turning itself off, if reset it will stay lit until first light, so acts as a back up light. We have placed where natural light can activate the solar cells, so far it has not run out for 7 days.
By Alan on Feb 24, 2021
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Classic outdoor/indoor light Verified Purchase
Lovely lights, so versatile for both indoor/outdoor with a great choice of changing or static colours. Charge up quickly and give a subtle mood light with clear clean lines
By Janet Bridges on Feb 20, 2021
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Hot Tub lighting Verified Purchase
We need mood lighting for our Log Burning Tub and to light the steps! Ever in the rain and snow these are excellent lights... we now have Four!
By Mick Wynn on Jan 30, 2021
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Happiness comes in many shapes and sizes. Discover a world of wonder with our range of ShapeLights designed to bring an element of tranquillity and happiness to any outdoor space, along with some serious style! These colour-changing mood lights gently cycle through green, blue, light blue, purple, pink and red along with the standard warm or natural white settings. Set to your favourite colour or rotate between the six!

These lights are completely versatile, designed for indoor and outdoor use with a USB charger that powers the light for up to 50 hours after a full charge. The Mini Cube is a stunning addition to any garden, balcony, patio - perfect for use on its own or place multiple together to create a showstopping centrepiece. If that’s not enough for you, they can also be used as mood lights for your living space inside or a fun night light for a children’s bedroom - simply switch it to the indoor mode and control with the on/off switch.

Your ShapeLight features a hidden solar panel that generates power from natural daylight to perform all year round, even through winter. Installation couldn’t be simpler, so it can be out of the box and into your garden in no time!

Other shapes and sizes are available in this range.

Colour Changing Mood Lights

Shapelights bring atmosphere to any indoor or outdoor space. They can be set to gently cycle through red, green, blue, green, purple, pink and light blue or you can set them to stay on your favourite colour. Shapelights also offer a brighter white and warm white setting which are noticeably brighter than the colours.

Using Shapelights Indoors

Shapelights can be used inside as mood lights for living spaces or night lights for landings or children’s bedrooms. You can plug your Shapelight directly into a plug socket or charge it by USB and use it as a portable indoor light if there is no plug socket nearby. A full USB charge takes just a few hours and will provide 50 hours of illumination.

In Indoor Mode your Shapelight will operate much like a normal mains powered light. It will turn on when you switch it on and turn off when you switch it off. Unlike Outdoor Mode, Shapelights will work in lit conditions in Indoor Mode and there is no timer to turn them off automatically after 7 hours.

Using Shapelights Outdoors

Shapelights are perfect for adding atmosphere to outdoor spaces. The base inside Shapelights contains a hidden solar panel which charges up from the sun through the shape shell. Shapelights are also USB chargeable which is perfect if you don't have a good solar charging location, or as a backup during dull weather spells. A full USB charge takes just a few hours and will provide 7 nights of illumination without any help form the sun.

In Outdoor Mode your Shapelight will turn on automatically after dark and turn off 7 hours later which conserves charge for subsequent evenings.

Solar Performance

Shapelights have been designed to work year round in the UK using solar power alone, but they can also be fully charged using the supplied USB lead in just a few hours. USB charging is not necessary if variable illumination times in winter are acceptable, but USB charging every couple of weeks will keep your Shapelight working for the full 7 hours every night whatever the weather.

Shapelights will work for 7 nights from a full USB charge without any help from the sun so a reasonably well-positioned Shapelight will only need USB charging every 10-14 days in winter and only occasional USB charging during spring and autumn. USB charging should not be necessary at all during summer.

Please note that the bright white and bright warm white colours use more power than the standard 8 colours so runtimes in these two colour modes will be reduced.


Shapelights have a waterproofing rating of IP67 so they can be used outside year-round where they will withstand everything the British weather can throw at them. The IP67 rating means you can use Shapelights in any room in your house including bathrooms.

Shapes and sizes

Shapelights come in 7 shapes.
Shapelights Cube: 30cm x 30cm
Shapelights Cylinder: 45cm high with a 25cm diameter
Shapelights Pebble: 40cm long, 30cm wide and 23cm high
Shapelights Sphere: 35cm diameter
Shapelights Mini Sphere: 16cm high, 20cm wide
Shapelights Mini Cube: 17.5cm x 17.5cm
Shapelights Mini Pebble: 24cm long, 13.5cm high, 20cm wide

Easily Replaceable Lithium Ion Battery

The Shapelight Mini Pebble uses a single high powered 14500 rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (included and installed) which have become the battery of choice for high-end electronics manufacturers in recent years. These high powered state-of-the-art batteries will offer several years of hassle free use and can be replaced quickly and easily at any point in the future.


Shapelights are made from an extremely tough PE plastic and are strong enough to be used as illuminated furniture pieces. The Shapelight Cube and Cylinder can both easily double up as a small table or seat for children or light adults.


Product ID: SLMCU
Weight: 1.00 kg
Product Barcode: 5060188642930


17.5cm x 17.5cm


Frequently Asked Questions

How bright, in lumens, is the mini cube light, on the bright white setting?
By Tal George on Nov 12, 2021

This is just a decorative unit. We do not provide the Lumens on these ones. 

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Could you use the mini cube on top of small piller
By Sue baker on Jul 5, 2021

It would not be recommended because you would need to unscrew it to bring it in if it ever needed to be USB charged. 

Helpful? 0 | 0

What type of USB charger does the Shapelight Mini cube need? I've not been able to find the answer anywhere, and the instructions just say the vague "USB charger".
By Kerry Jones on Apr 7, 2021

Please click on the link:

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In Stock

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