Advance DualWhite USB Solar Deck Lights - Set Of 8

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White? Or warm white? That is the question! Or at least it was... Our latest Advance MultiWhite USB Solar Deck Lights can be set to light up in white or warm white at the press of a button. Backed up with USB charging, Powersaving, Triple Play Technology and a bottle-tight screw cap, this stunning set of 8 decking lights heralds a new era in solar light technology.
Mains Equivalent

Mains Equivalent

The brightness of this product is comparable to mains powered lights.
No Mains

No Mains

This light is solar powered and does not require mains power to work.
12 Month Warranty

12 Month Warranty

Features a 12 month warranty as standard.
IP68 Waterproofing

IP68 Waterproofing

IP68 Waterproofing means the product can cope with the worst that winter can throw without being affected.
  • Stunning set of 8 DualWhite solar powered deck lights
  • Change from white to warm white at the press of a button
  • Detacheable solar panel can be also be charged quickly and easily by USB
  • Solar panel stake and wall/deck mount included
  • Two reserve battery bays allow you to triple charge capacity
  • Even glow technology ensures a perfectly uniform light output
  • Screw cap ensures bottle-tight waterproofing for controls and batteries
  • Two power settings let you choose between brighter lights or longer run times
  • USB charging lead included
  • Designed to work year-round in the UK
  • 1 year full guarantee

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review
4.7/5 (9 customer reviews)

Ideal Product Verified Purchase
Purchased these lights to replace previous set. Previous lights were 25mm and this set was 30mm , but no great problem to install. Really pleased with lighting effect, nice bright light, and really lights up decking area.
By Graham Harness on Feb 18,2024
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Love Them Verified Purchase
The lights are a quality product and, despite only coming with one battery (with space for three should you want to increase capacity) they last for ages (granted, it's summer and the garden is South facing). In the winter, we may need to buy additional batteries and charge them up: we'll have to see. I have fitted them into a raised bed made from sleepers. Excuse the lack of grass! Really easy installation using a 30mm bit, you then just tap them in for a squeaky tight fit. Unlike many of the reviewers, I did get an end cap!

Customer Photos:
By Phil on Jul 25,2023
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Great lights but no extension cable avaialble Verified Purchase
Just had these lights installed in my new decking...excellent lights and look great. Only problem is there is no extension cabling available for these lights, so the cable to the solar panel is quite short and inhibits optimum location.
By Kenny McG on Jul 17,2023
Helpful? 1 | 0

Very pleased Verified Purchase
We are very pleased with these lights as they are just what we wanted. They're very neat and give off a very good light. We've got two sets running. Only downside is as stated by a previous reviewer that there is no end cap for the last light. (There is supposed to be one). Solar centre promised to look into this and advise us what to do. Unfortunately they never did but having said that the staff were very helpful. In the end my husband bound the end of the last fitting with Gorilla tape. Would definitely recommend.
By Ann Phillips on Oct 21,2022
Helpful? 2 | 0

Fantastic lights! Verified Purchase
Had these sitting in my summer house for a couple of weeks, only just found some time to install them. Really great! Three colour temperature settings. I fit them into a vertical board, part of a bench, cca 8cm from the ivory slab floor. They look really good, could not tell the difference between mains powered ones, nice even light. Got one more set to install. The only couple of things I would like for these lights to come with would be an end cap for the last spot connection cable to avoid siliconing/waterproofing it and longer lead to the solar panel so it could mounted on top of the fence let's say. Also bought the 4x spots which are equally great. 5 stars.

Customer Photos:
By Tom on Aug 4,2022
Helpful? 9 | 0

great Verified Purchase
easy set up work great look brill at night installed in composite decking.will be buying more from solar centre.
By Paul james Butler on Jul 2,2022
Helpful? 1 | 0

Brilliant Product Verified Purchase
Love this product, easy to install and give off brilliant light. The colour changing feature is really good, would definitely recommend
By Kris on May 22,2022
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Great product Verified Purchase
Bought two sets. Delivery was prompt. The product looks great and the lights are very solid. I love the changing light colour feature
By Richard on Apr 16,2022
Helpful? 1 | 0

Another great SolarCentre product Verified Purchase
Thoroughly impressed by this. Great light from these, I love the USB charge option too. One thing regarding the aperture you need to drill, I tried a 25mm fast bit, too small. I then used a 28mm bit and I still needed to expand the hole. If I was doing this again I'd try a 30mm bit on an old piece of wood first.
By Paul on Apr 12,2022
Helpful? 6 | 1


Advance DualWhite USB Solar Deck Lights

This stunning feature-rich set of white/warm white deck lights heralds a new era in solar light technology. USB charging, two reserve battery bays and powersaving technology ensure bullet-proof year-round reliability. Our innovative screw cap allows you to access the batteries, switches and USB port quickly and easily while guaranteeing bottle-tight waterproofing.

What is DualWhite?

DualWhite means you can set your lights to come on in either white or warm white allowing you to set the right feel for any mood, setting or occasion.

USB Charging

The Advance system has been designed to work year-round in the UK using solar power alone, but it can also be charged via USB. We pioneered USB charging on solar lights back in 2012 because not everyone has a solar-friendly spot in their garden, and even if you do, the weather can sometimes let you down. The Advance solar panel can be disconnected from the light string and taken inside to charge via USB quickly and easily.

Triple Play

Our Advance panel is designed to work year-round using the single lithium-ion battery that comes supplied and installed, but it also has two additional reserve battery bays giving you the option to double or even triple your battery capacity. Installing two additional batteries, USB charging them and then selecting Powersaving mode will provide an incredibly robust system that will see you through even the darkest of winters.

Even Glow

The Advance deck lights produce a stunning uniform glow in either white or warm white that has no hot spots and is perfectly even across the light surface.

Bottle-tight waterproofing

No one likes faffing around with a screwdriver to access batteries, controls or USB ports. Rubber bungs might be convenient, but they are also vulnerable to water ingress. So how do you make controls easily accessible without compromising waterproofing? Advance's batteries, power setting switch, MultiWhite selector switch and USB port are all housed under an o-ring sealed screw cap which offers quick and easy access with bottle-tight waterproofing.


Two power settings let you choose between brighter lights or longer run times.


Product ID: SC2110
Weight: 0.80 kg
Product Barcode: 5060188643548


  • Light body: 30mm diameter
  • Light depth: 35mm
  • Light metal surround: 44mm diameter
  • Solar Panel: 205mm x 130mm x 30mm
  • 1.5m of cable between each light for daisy chaining
  • 2m of cable between the solar panel and first light
  • USB to USB Micro Lead: 50cm


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access them ,I am in Uganda East Africa
By Amolo on Feb 11,2024


Unfortunately, we do not ship to Uganda. 

Helpful? 0 | 0

I wish to fit 2 sets of lights in 2 separate locations, can I buy 1 set /pack of lights and a separate panel to charge the second set ( splitting the original pack of lights)
By David Stephen on Nov 7,2023

Hi David eache set of 8 lights come with its own panel 

Helpful? 0 | 1

Can fewer lights be used, I want to use between 4 and 6 for installation into a garden room soffit board.
By Dave on Oct 31,2023

Hi Dave, they do come as a daisy chain so it should be possible as long as you are able to close the light up to avoid water ingress 

Helpful? 0 | 0

In Stock

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