Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights (Set Of 2)

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Atlas Solar Spotlights (Set Of 2)
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With the introduction of the Selene spotlights, we put energy-efficient solar technology at your fingertips. This pair of solar-powered spotlights are a smart and beautiful way of dressing up your garden and keeping outdoor areas well lit without needing to have a socket nearby or digging up your garden.

The Selenes stand out due to their sturdy construction and advanced technology. These spotlights have been crafted out of weatherproof materials to ensure that they will work under harsh winter weather conditions. Moreover, their industrial-grade aluminium body has been reinforced through a die casting process for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance.

Featuring wall, spike, and deck mounting options, this set of spotlights is truly versatile and can be placed virtually anywhere: walls, decks, flower beds, garden borders, and edges are some of the most common uses for these spotlights.

The Selenes incorporate advanced lighting technology that delivers superior brightness and an impressive beam range of 25 metres (82 feet). The powerful solar panel is fitted with high-efficiency solar cells and its position can be easily adjusted in order to maximise the amount of sunlight received. And with a total run time of up to 10 hours, the Selenes are all you need to keep outdoor areas well lit.
Works in Winter

Works in Winter

A well positioned solar panel will enable this product to work in typical UK winter conditions.
No Mains

No Mains

This light is solar powered and does not require mains power to work.
Up to 10 Hours Run Time

Up to 10 Hours Run Time

Will light for up to 10 hrs from a full charge.
Lights up to 25m

Lights up to 25m

Lights a distance of up to 25 metres.
  • Charges by day, lights automatically at night
  • Adjustable solar panel and light angle
  • Simple and easy to install
  • 5m cable between panel and each light
  • Toughened die cast aluminium construction
  • On/Off switch
  • Powerful 2.1W solar panel
  • Will light for up to 10 hours once fully charged
  • Fittings included for stake, deck and wall mounting
  • Designed for UK weather conditions

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review
Quality always shines brightest. Verified Purchase
Strange how a quality product can present itself immediately you set eyes on it. All about these lights is wonderful ( maybe an option for warm white may be a good idea). Fitted them inside and at the top of 2 legs of our Gazebo to down light into the hot tub with great success, the PV fixed to the outside roof line facing south.
By Ray on Aug 5,2021
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Fab lighting Verified Purchase
Good quality, easy to assemble and work really well... Only slight disappointment is they're not a warm white, which I would have preferred.
By Carol M on Aug 19,2020
Helpful? 3 | 0

spot on spotloghts Verified Purchase
I bought these solar spot lights as my old mains ones had bitten the dust long ago and I didn't want to pay for an electrician! Delivery was super fast and we charged up the unit right away - the instructions say to charge for 3-5 days but we used them that night and they were really bright. The one slight criticism is that the on/off switch is not a rocker switch, it's a push in and out but we couldn't tell the difference between the settings and ended up putting it on when it should have been off (or the other way round). Apart from that slight uncertainty (we waited until it was dark and then changed the setting when we thought the lights should have come on and bingo they did!) we've been delighted with them and I'm thinking of buying another set.
By Anne Wright on Aug 8,2020
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Awesome lights Verified Purchase
Second lot of lights I have purchased. They are very well made and they light up my patio and shine right across to my summerhouse which is about 40foot away from patio. May buy some more. Also great service. So far very pleased........👍👍
By Gidget on May 24,2020
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Great Lights Verified Purchase
Amazing uplighters. Hope they keep performing well throughout the year. Lovely for highlighting trees or special features in the garden. Excellent length of cable for positioning lights. By Jenny Edwards on April 5th, 2020
By Jenny Edwards on Apr 5,2020
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The Selene Solar Landscape spotlights have been designed in the UK having the needs of UK homeowners in mind. If you are after a lighting solution that combines better energy efficiency and a brighter output, you needn't look any further.

These solar spotlights have a 50mm diameter, which means they are slightly smaller than conventional spotlights, yet they can deliver a significantly better lighting output. This is possible thanks to a powerful 2.1W monocrystalline solar panel, which has a higher light-to-power conversion rate and can be up to 15 per cent more energy-efficient than other panels.

The Selene's compact solar panel absorbs all sunlight available and transfers it to the spotlights via a 5-metre long cable, giving you freedom to find the sunniest spot in your garden without having to move the spotlights around. For even greater convenience, both the spotlights and the solar panel are adjustable and can be tilted.

Each spotlight is fitted with three SMD LED lights, which deliver an intense beam of cool white light over a distance of 25 metres. Manual and automatic modes are available, and you will also be able to choose between wall-mounted installation or mount them on a stake for use in hard and soft surfaces.

Last but not least, the Selene come with three AA rechargeable batteries to keep your running costs down to zero.


Product ID: SS7570
Weight: 1.70 kg
Product Barcode: 5060188640271


Height: 40cm (spike mounted)
Height: 12cm (deck mounted)
Width: 9cm
Depth: 17cm

Solar Panel
Height: 35cm (spike mounted)
Height: 6cm (deck mounted)
Width: 10cm
Depth: 4.5cm

In the Box

  • Solar Panel with batteries included
  • Two Spotlights
  • 5m of cable to each light
  • Three deck mounts (1 for each of the spotlights and one for the solar panel)
  • Three Spikes (1 for each of the spotlights and one for the solar panel)
  • Six screws
  • Six rawl plugs
  • Instructions


Selene Solar Landscape Spotlights (Set Of 2) Instructions

How it works

The Solar Landscape Spot Lights have a powerful 1.6W solar panel that charges the high capacity batteries during the day. At night the Solar Landscape Spot Lights illuminate automatically until dawn when they switch back to charging mode.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have a set of these bought several years ago but they stopped working a few weeks ago. Can you supply a replacement panel please?
By Mike on Sep 14,2021

we have them available on our website :

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Will these lights charge up if the solar panels are situated indoors and are exposed almost exclusively to artificial lighting (from indoor lighting) or is sunlight essential to provide charge power via the solar panels?
By David on May 8,2021

The panel cannot charge via artificial lighting.

The unit has to be exposed to direct daylight.

It is for outdoor use only. 

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wanting to illuminate a couple of waterfalls in a landscape garden. how near/far should I place the spots. Which model of light would you recommend and how long will the rechargeable batteries last before replacement
By michael rycroft on Sep 19,2020

Any of the spotlights will be ideal and fit for purpose. How far you will place the lights etc, that is down to your own preference. In regards to the batteries with some units you can replace them and some others not. 

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