Eye Solar Security Light

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Evo SMD Solar Security Light
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The Eye ticks all the boxes: it�s brighter than anything in its class, virtually waterproof, much more manoeuvrable, easy to install, has a remote digital sensor and boy does it look good!

The Eye Solar Security Light offers mains-brightness and superior waterproofing from a fitting that can be angled in virtually any direction thanks to our innovative new mount design.

500 Triggers Per Night

500 Triggers Per Night

Once motion is detected, this light can activate up to 500 times a night.
Works in Winter

Works in Winter

A well positioned solar panel will enable this product to work in typical UK winter conditions.
100 Watt Equivalent

100 Watt Equivalent

Brightness is equivalent to a 100 watt Halogen light you might use around the home.
No Mains

No Mains

This light is solar powered and does not require mains power to work.
  • High quality 42 LED mains equivalent solar security light with the latest digital motion sensor
  • Innovative new mount design provides greater freedom of positioning
  • Activation time can be set from between 3 seconds and 10 minutes.
  • 12m motion sensor range
  • IP56 rated for superior water resistance.
  • Designed to work in UK winter
  • 1 year full warranty as standard
  • Powered by the sun
  • Motion activated
  • Can be installed almost anywhere
  • Free to run
  • 5m cable between light and solar panel.

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Review
First class Verified Purchase
This is a splendid security light - it was straightforward to fix and works brilliantly (in all senses of the word). Thoroughly recommended!
By Colin Burnie on Jul 8, 2016
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Excellent product Verified Purchase
After having spent money on at least 4 other light fittings for this location and either not getting the promised amount of light or the light fittings failing after a day or two, i found this light and service was good delivery on time and easy to install and a good bright light even with minimum sun to charge. Would recommend to any one looking for an LED Solar powered Security light.
By Ian Bickerton on Mar 3, 2016
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Eye solar security light Verified Purchase
Quick delivery. Clear instructions. The three separate components allow great flexibility in mounting. Light powerful for solar. Very pleased with this product.
By Patrick Mill on Feb 21, 2016
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Great product Verified Purchase
I was a bit skeptical when I saw this product having bought various solar powered items before and then been very disappointed with their performance but this is in a different class!! Fast delivery, good clear instructions in English and easy to install. After only a day charging in very cloudy weather the light given off was really amazing! Excellent product and perfect for the dark driveway where we park our cars. At almost half price too then it's an easy decision! Thoroughly recommended.
By Rik Clear on Feb 19, 2016
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Great product. Great service Verified Purchase
Bought two of these recently. Delivered within one working day, which was brilliant. Installed the first to replace an old, much smaller unit at my mum's. She's really pleased with it as it gives out much more light than the old one (which had stood her in good stead for years). Installed mine today & got to say I'm very pleased with it. Much brighter than the old unit I replaced. Gives good levels of light over a good distance. Very pleased. Bought plenty of other products from Solar Centre & always been pleased. Very good delivery & back-up service too.
By Ian on Feb 13, 2016
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The Eye is just 4cm thick and can be rotated 170 degrees horizontally and tilted more than 180 degrees vertically. The Eye can even be angled to provide corner lighting without the need for corner mounting. The Eye benefits from superior waterproofing both on the light unit and on our new remote digital motion sensor which also offers greater accuracy.

What is a remote motion sensor?
Many customers have asked us to make a solar security light that has a separate PIR motion sensor rather than a sensor that is attached to the light head. A remote motion sensor gives much greater freedom when choosing you detection area. The Eye comes with 30cm of cable attached to the sensor for customers that prefer to have the sensor close to the light without lots of excess cable. In the box you'll find a 1m motion sensor extension cable for those that want their sensor further way.

What is a digital motion sensor and why is it better?
Our state-of-the-art digital sensor offers greater accuracy when setting your motion sensor. Digital sensors also offer superior waterproofing because they don't use dials which are more susceptible to water ingress. The digital motion sensor on the Eye has two settings, Time and Lux. Time controls the amount of time your light stays on for each time motion is detected and Lux determines how dark it needs to get before your light will start activating.

The Time setting has a range of between 0 and 9
0 = 3 seconds, 1 = 30 seconds, 2 = 60 seconds, 3 = 90 seconds, 4 = 120 seconds, 5 = 180 seconds, 6 = 240 seconds, 7 = 360 seconds, 8 = 480 seconds and 9 = 600 seconds.

The Lux setting has a range of 1 � 4
1 = 5 Lux, 2 = 15 Lux, 3 = 35 Lux, 4 = 60 Lux

How waterproof is it?
The Eye Solar Security Light is IP56 rated. Waterproofing is rated by the IP (Ingress Protection) system which consists of the letters IP followed by two digits. The first digit after IP ranks a products protection against solid objects. The second digit after the IP rates a products ability to protect against liquids. The Eye Solar Floodlight is IP56 rated making it among the most waterproof solar lights available.


Product ID: SS9840
Weight: 1.50 kg
Product Barcode: 5060188641452


Light (oval shaped):
Height: 17cm
Width: 22cm
Depth: 4cm

Solar Panel:
Height: 16.3cm
Width: 19cm
Depth: 1.3cm

In the Box

  • One Light Unit (Batteries Included)
  • One Digital PIR Sensor
  • One Solar Panel
  • 8 Screws
  • 8 Rawlplugs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have extension kits for the the cables between the light and sensor and the light and panel?
By Mark Clements on Oct 13, 2019

No sorry.

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do you sell spare motion sensors for the eye42. mine has stopped working but everything else works.
By Mark Stockley. on May 8, 2016
We no longer have any motion sensors or stock for the Eye 42. Very sorry.
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does this light need batteries if so where are they situated 10 01 2016
By john williams on Jan 10, 2016
The batteries are included and housed inside the light head.
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