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Elan Solar Moroccan Lanterns - 20 LEDs

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Elan Solar Scroll Lanterns - 20 LEDs

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Eco Wedge Elite Remote Control Solar Light With PIR

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Eco Wedge Plus Remote Control Solar Security Light

Set Of 4 Solar Square Decking Lights
Set Of 4 Solar Square Decking Lights was £59.99 

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Vega Solar LED Panel Light
Vega Solar LED Panel Light  

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Atlas Solar Spotlights (Set of 4)

Bath Solar Wall Light
Bath Solar Wall Light was £24.99 

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Chiltern Solar Welcome Light
Chiltern Solar Welcome Light was £19.98 

Why buy solar lights from us?

Solar lights used to have a bad reputation and for good reason. When we started up in 2006 virtually all the solar lights available were substandard. The technology was there, but suppliers seemed to work on the basis that customers were only prepared to pay for cheap lights which would fail soon after purchase leaving a trail of disappointed shoppers behind them. This seemed to result in a catch-22 where customers had no faith in solar lights so retailers had to make them even cheaper to convince people to buy them.

The Solar Centre was the first UK company to break that mould by bringing high quality year-round reliable solar lights to the UK market. Our reputation has been built on supplying serious mains-equivalent solar lighting that is functional, reliable and easy to install. We believe that consumers are happy to pay a little bit more so long as the lights they receive are bright, well made and can work year-round in the UK. Mains-equivalent solar lights will not only save you money on your power bills, they will save you the cost and inconvenience of calling an electrician to install mains powered lighting outside your home.